Teeth Whitening

Teeth are porous and susceptible to staining. Teeth stain at different rates depending on mouth chemistry, diet and lifestyle (foods and drinks consumed). This means that how easily teeth stain and how easily they whiten varies from person to person. Most teeth whitening methods are essentially the same — a form of hydrogen peroxide gel is placed over the teeth and penetrates into the “pores” of the teeth, cleaning and lightning them. The variable is in the type of application and the corresponding strength of the teeth whitening gel. What works well for one person may not work well for another, this is why we use a sensitive, safe teeth whitening approach. Ask Dr. Samborski which Worcester teeth whitening product and service procedure is best for you.

In Office Whitening

LUMIBRITE™ Whitening

The new generation of chairside whitening

The LUMIBRITE whitening system is a safe, gentle, and effective way to whiten teeth and achieve that bright, healthy smile you’ve always wanted. Using state-of-the-art, sensitive safe, bleach-free whitening technology, the LUMIBRITE system eliminates the tooth sensitivity that can accompany other forms of teeth-whitening products. You’ll be able to show off your pearly whites in no time!

How does the LUMIBRITE whitening system work?

LUMIBRITE is a revolutionary teeth whitening system that combines the powerful effects of the Sapphire® Supreme Plasma Arc Curing Light, along with professional-grade teeth-whitening gel. The combination of light and gel work together to give you a whiter, more stunning smile in less time than other forms of teeth whitening.

  • POLISH: Your doctor will use a uniquely formulated polishing paste that cleans and prepares the surface of your teeth.
  • WHITEN: Choose from Natural, White, and Supreme White bleach-free pigment.
  • GLOSS: A natural final coating adds vitality and prolongs your treatment results.

How is LUMIBRITE different from other forms of sensitive safe teeth whitening in Worcester?

  • Pain-free, zero-sensitivity whitening
  • Beautiful, white smiles in fewer than 30 minutes of treatment time
  • No lengthy isolation or potentially dangerous UV rays
  • Long-lasting results up to six months
  • Professional procedure not available over the counter or in a mall

If you’re interested in learning more about the LUMIBRITE teeth-whitening system, and how a brighter, whiter smile can change your life, then please call (508) 757-0591 to schedule an appointment today.