Our Commitment

We believe all dentistry should fit right, function properly and look terrific! All dentistry should look natural and be in harmony with your overall health. We are committed to making your dental services experience unlike any you have ever encountered. Your comfort and total understanding of your oral health is our primary goal.

Our mission is to create healthy, beautiful smiles that meet the unique needs of those we serve and to offer relaxed, comfortable dental care that exceeds expectations at our Worcester dentist office. Inside our lovingly restored 1917 Victorian at 87 June Street, you’ll find a special dentist office unlike any other. Elegant, comfortable and welcoming, the office is also home to state-of-the-art dental technology and the advanced dental care of Dr. Samborski.

You’ll notice the beautiful environment, the attention to detail and, most of all, the warm and friendly care of our staff. Our team enjoys helping you and it shows, at every visit, during every phone call and at every opportunity to give you exceptional service.

The Initial Consultation

At your initial consultation, Dr. Samborski will spend about fifteen minutes getting acquainted and listening to you, discussing your health concerns, asking important questions to understand your needs and inviting you to ask questions. He will discuss your confidential medical and dental histories with you while developing mutual trust.

A Complete Diagnostic Evaluation

After your initial consult, we will take you to the treatment room where we will do a complete diagnostic evaluation. Our staff will take all necessary digital radiographs, intraoral and extra oral digital photos, impressions of your teeth and bite registration. Dr. Samborski will then do a thorough clinical examination of your hard (teeth) and soft (gum, cheeks, lips, tongue) tissues as well as checking your facial muscles and bite. We discuss your overall health.

An Individualized Dental Treatment Plan

Dr. Samborski will provide you with an individualized dental treatment plan based on your needs and concerns and discuss options and alternatives before starting any treatment. Your experience and comfort are important to us and is essential in building a foundation of trust and understanding. The unique and differentiating factor in our practice is the highest level of customer service you can expect. We are here for you, to serve you and to exceed your expectations…always.