General and Implant Dentistry of Worcester County is happy to help file your dental insurance claims to receive dental benefits with which you and your employer are paying premiums. Dental benefit plans can vary from company to company with different procedures which have a benefit or a “percentage” of a benefit. Your insurance plan will only pay what it allows for each service, regardless of what the actual fee may be. Deductibles and co-payments are typically built into most plans and their required payment is strictly regulated by state law.

Your employee benefits director at your company or place of work can usually help you become familiar with your plan and its restrictions, and our office will assist you in maximizing your benefits.

Patients with Dental Insurance

We will file your claim for you at no charge.

However, we require that your deductions and your estimated portions (20%-60%) be paid on the day of treatment. Although we gladly file dental insurance claims, any and all account balances are ultimately your responsibility.

All insurance benefits are assigned to the Doctor.

All insurance benefits are assigned to the Doctor, unless services are paid in full the day of treatment.

We do offer additional payment options.

Please note for your convenience, we do accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and Care Credit as well as checks and cash.