Partial Dentures

Sometimes life happens and puts you in a spot that requires you to have some work done in your mouth. Having good teeth is important not just for health purposes, but it can boost your self-confidence and get you back to smiling! We here at General and Implant Dentistry of Worcester County offer preventative dentistry services and access to partial dentures. A partial denture is made up of either porcelain or plastic teeth and is attached to a metal frame with peach colored plastic to ensure that it blends in with your gums. Having a partial denture can be an annoyance at first, but by following these helpful tips your partial denture will adjust to your mouth quickly and with ease.


  • Eat soft food in bite sized pieces (try to avoid sticky or hard foods the best you can)
  • Reading out loud will help you learn how to talk comfortably after your partial is in place
  • Practice taking your partial in and out while looking in the mirror
  • Try not to ever force it down to make it fit. If you have an issue, contact us to have it

It is very important to keep your mouth clean and healthy while using your partial
denture, as well as when you are not. You can take preventative measures to make sure you aren’t at high risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and even mouth odor.0


  • Always remove your partial denture after each meal to clean your mouth and tongue
  • Make sure you brush with fluoride toothpaste
  • Take the time to floss once a day
  • Schedule regular checkups and cleanings
  • Request more information about fluoride rinses